Rayner Design


Rayner Design Pty Ltd was founded by Bill Rayner in 1989 after working exclusively in research and development since graduating in mechanical engineering from UNSW in 1974. The company was set up as a design/R&D consultancy but also to develop self-funded projects.

The first of these was the Dingbat sailing boat, pictured left, which is at an advanced prototype stage and still under development as time permits.

The scissor mouse™ paper cutter, left, was another, and is now manufactured and marketed globally by Westcott under license.

The products on this page were all designed, developed and managed by Bill Rayner, except for the Hicom Mill, photos 6 & 7, for which he was chief design engineer in a small but talented team.

Over fifty international patents have been granted, including all the projects pictured on this page.

The business is therefore well equipped to help others develop ground-breaking products in a wide variety of disciplines.


Blue sky designs built on solid engineering foundations